Ferm Living Ripple Glass – Design Dupe

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Ever see these beautiful glasses from Ferm Living? They are gorgeous!

A set of 4 costs $75, perhaps a price point that’s little steep for those of us that are prone to breaking glassware or have relatives that come over and break your glassware. (lol… !)

I stumbled upon an excellent dupe of these glasses today on AliExpress so I wanted to share them with you.

I’ve been able to find dupes of the Ferm Living Ripple glasses in 2 sizes: the smaller one, which is about 200 ml, and the larger glass, which appears to hold about 350 ml.


  • Large glass: $9.00. So a set of 4 would only cost you $36 (as opposed to $75 for the original set of 4).
  • Small glass: $3.85

Click on either one below to shop!

The original Ripple glasses come in clear and smoke (gray) color options. I did find a few different colors such as amber and blue, for the smaller ripple glasses on AliExpress – you can check them out here. I haven’t found any color variations for the larger glasses yet.

If you want to purchase the originals, they can be found via Verishop, the Finnish Design Shop and a few other places online. (The caraffe is super lovely and I want it so much!)

For more chic decor deals I’ve found and on AliExpress and shared, be sure to check out this post!


Looks like these dupes are now also stocked on Amazon! Granted they’re more expensive, but might be an option if you don’t want to wait for long AliExpress shipping times 🙂 Click here to purchase on Amazon

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