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10 Simply Stunning Scandinavian Christmas DIY Decorations

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Christmas in Scandinavia is not overly complicated.

It’s all about spending quality time with your family and friends, in the warmth and coziness of your home.

Watch the video instead!

That’s not to say that Christmas in other countries isn’t about the same things!

However, I am half Italian and spent 10 years of my life in Italy … without going into any detail so that I don’t veer completely off-topic, just let me tell you that an Italian Christmas has a completely different feeling from a Scandinavian Christmas!

How do I know this?

My husband is Swedish! I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few Christmases in Sweden. 

scandinavian christmas wreath in a minimalistic style
All The Frills (website defunct)

The “Hygge” Christmas

If you’re passionate about the wonderful world of home decor, by now you’ve probably heard of the term hygge.

Hygge: a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. (It’s pronounced “hooga”)

hygge book

Or you can read the (now incredibly famous) book called “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking. I read it and I recommend it! 

Also, just for good measure and for your viewing pleasure, below I’ve included a clip where you can watch our fave Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka, let’s be real, the one and only Jaime Lannister) say the word hygge (it’s at 8:47).

It’s the best.


Also, check out his house tour while you’ve got the video open, it’s beautiful!

Dammit, see how easily I get distracted?!

Having spent a few Christmases in Sweden myself, I can confirm that Christmas in Sweden is the true definition of Hygge! (even though Hygge is not actually a Swedish word!😅)

And being married to a Swede, I’m all about the creating Scandinavian Christmas vibe, no matter where we are in the world!

Admittedly, we still argue over whether or not it’s better to open presents on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day (dec 25 ftw!🎁 ).

Our current compromise is to alternate every year. 😆

minimalist black and white scandinavian garland
Petra Bindel (website defunct)

Easy And Affordable Scandinavian Christmas DIYs

The Scandinavian inspired DIY Christmas projects I have collected below are perfect examples of how little you need to create a beautiful, cozy space during the holiday season.

Each DIY is easy, affordable, and really fits the chic Scandinavian style.

Why don’t you pick your favorite one and give it a try this year?

1. Tiny Star Wall Hanging

This dainty wall hanging can be made with a just few materials. You can make the white stars as big or as small as you like.

It’s simple but also elegant, and would look great hanging pretty much anywhere.

The author of this tutorial is Melissa from Lulu the Baker. This tutorial, which you can find here, is also included her lovely book called Scandinavian Gatherings.

If you are ready to embrace the hygge lifestyle and want to try your hand at some wonderful Scandinavian inspired recipes and crafts, you should definitely check out this book! You can find it on Amazon!

2. Rosemary Star

scandinavian christmas decor ideas - rosemary popsicle stick star DIY
Martha Stewart

Grab your glue gun, some popsicle sticks and a bunch of rosemary and make your very own fragrant Christmas star.

Imagine how wonderful it will smell!

Check out the tutorial over at Martha Stewart 🙂 *Update 2023 – unfortunately the tutorial is no longer available on the Martha Stewart website, however fortunately this Scandinavian christmas DIY is pretty easy to figure out even without one!

3. Scandinavian Plywood Christmas Sign

Ahh, light wood, simple fonts and white. So scandi, right?

This lovely plywood Christmas sign is so easy to make, it’s almost a shame not to! Get the tutorial here.

By the way, Glædelig Jul means Merry Christmas in Danish! 🙂 But you can write anything you like.

4. Scandinavian Style Printable Gift Tags

These super minimalist gift tags I designed are so easy to make! And they’re free!

Just download the files, print on card stock and cut out!

These tags look lovely tied to your gifts with some natural jute twine. Try pairing with simple brown kraft paper and you’ll have the perfect Scandinavian style gift wrapping!

Get the simple tutorial here on Posh Pennies!

5. Twig Stars For Gift Wrapping

While we are on the topic of wrapping gifts, this dainty little twig star is a really beautiful addition to your gift wrapping!

Wrap your gifts in brown packing paper, add some twine and fresh greenery, and attach your cute little twig star. It will look great!

The tutorial can be found at Farmhouse on Boone, and there is also a video embedded on that page.

Loving the star theme? Then make a BIG star with actual branches instead of twigs! Wrap it up with string lights and you’re done! A stunning, natural and rustic feeling star that you can place anywhere for some holiday cheer!

scandinavian star Christmas decoration made with fairy lights
Louise de Miranda via Doris Leslie Blau

6. Linen Napkins with Twine, Greenery and Cinnamon Sticks

These wonderful linen napkins were put together by the Swedish blogger Sandra at Vintage House. There is no tutorial, but you don’t really need one 🙂

Just grab some simple linen napkins, twine, greenery and cinnamon sticks, and assemble!

I love these 100% pure linen napkins from Amazon. They’re really beautiful and come in packs of 4, in tons of different gorgeous true Scandinavian shades! Take a look at some of the colors below:

7. Scandinavian Candle Wreath

Pared down, minimal half wreaths are all the rage! This candle wreath tutorial from Francois Et Moi is fresh and of a stunningly beautiful simplicity.

Just be very careful if you decide to make this with a real candle, do not leave it unattended!

8. Clear Christmas Baubles with Fresh Greenery

Another fabulously simple Scandinavian style Christmas DIY, that is so effective!

You literally just need transparent Christmas balls and fresh greenery.

This incredibly easy Christmas DIY would look beautiful hanging on a flocked tree, or a sparse, “gappy” Christmas tree (sparse trees were all the rage a couple years ago!).

You could also just hang them on their own in a cluster somewhere, or place some in a bowl and use it as a centerpiece.

The tutorial is in dutch, but google should translate the page automatically for you. 

But I’m sure you get the gist of it: obtain transparent Christmas baubles, insert greenery, hang, DONE!

You can find transparent Christmas balls on Amazon:

9. Geometric Christmas Tree Ornaments

I feel like a DIY roundup wouldn’t be complete with at least one DIY from the Merrythought!

Provided you get the brass jewelry connectors, these are *SO* easy to make. They would make a lovely gift too.

Get the tutorial here!

Get the brass connectors from Etsy here, here and here!

10. Greenery and Taper Candles in Clear Bottles

There is no tutorial for this inspiration image, but it’s so easy to do: just fill clear glass bottles with water and fresh winter greenery, insert white taper candles, and you are done.

So incredibly stunning yet so simple!

I used to place taper candles in bottles all the time as a teen, but I would have never thought to fill with water and add greenery – genius!

If you want to see a true master of Scandinavian Christmas decor, then you should absolutely check out the blogger, Svenja, behind this beautiful idea. 

To see all the beautiful ways she has decorated her (breathtakingly beautiful) Vienna apartment for Christmas, I just searched “Christmas” in her search bar. Just a heads up that her blog is in German (Austrian)!

She is so inspiring! Her apartment looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. ♥ 

Get the candles and pretty glass bottles from Amazon:

How To Get The Scandinavian Christmas Look – 9 Tips!

If none of the DIYs I shared above quite suit you, then why not try creating something of your own!

Just implement a few of these simple tips to achieve the true Scandinavian look:

  1. use neutral tones and colors
  2. use of fresh greenery
  3. light tone wood (birch is great!)
  4. minimalist or geometric designs
  5. natural materials (linen, raw silk, wool, solid wood, etc)
  6. use candles, string lights, soft lighting
  7. handmade feel
  8. simplicity is key always!
  9. black and white is always effective!

I hope these DIY projects inspired you to get crafty this holiday season!

Please let me know what you make, and tag me on social media @poshpennies! ♥

And if you are as obsessed with Scandinavian decor as I am, then you absolutely cannot miss this post!

God Jul!

10 stunning scandinavian christmas DIYS to make this year
pin me for later!

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