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Get The Look: Bright and Eclectic Living Room in Pink

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Get an $11000 room for $3914 … wait, what? How!?

I did a quick sum of how much this room would cost if you were to buy all the original Anthropologie products. All the products in the room are from Anthro, with the exception of the chandelier – I’m not sure if that’s theirs. If it is, I believe it may have been discontinued.

Can I also just mention how much I  L❤️VE that chandelier? If anyone knows where to find it, please let me know!

The total for all the items in the photo above came to about $11000, and that doesn’t include the chandelier which I am pretty dang sure would have been going for at least $1000.

No wonder this room looks killer! Add in plants, throws, a chandelier, other lighting, various trays and other accessories and you’ll be spending well over $12000.

Prices of the original items from the inspiration photo:

sofa – $4,198
rug – $1,438 (for an 8′ x 10′)
coffee table – $598
bone inlay dresser – $2,498
accent chairs – $798 x 2
faux fur lumbar pillow – ?
pink artwork – $378
other artwork – ?
chandelier – $ ?

My take on this room

Now, my take on this room is for those of you who don’t have 11 G 💰 immediately on hand to drop on redecorating your living room 😅. No, the pieces are not identical, but I do think that they capture the same spirit as the Anthropologie items!

Remember: if you really LOVE the Anthro pieces, you could always get one or two and get more affordable versions of the other items.

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  1. That’s a GREAT tip, to buy a few pricier items and supplement the rest with more affordable things! I love anthro but yeah, 11K on a living room is a bit much ha!

  2. Oh my, that design looks gorgeous! How convenient that you linked up the products! Love this so much, what a great idea!

    * thinks I should revamp my living space asap *


  3. Whoa, what a difference! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the queen of secondhand furniture. Most of my house is filled with stuff I’ve rescued from the curb. I can’t help it – I’m c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶ thrifty. But dayum, I’m drooling over that gorgeous bone-inlay dresser. I’m looking forward to checking out more of your ideas!

    1. I love secondhand furniture too! I incorporate it all the time. But yes I think that bone-inlay dresser would be a little difficult to stumble upon in your standard Salvation Army! 😂 Thanks for stopping by xx

  4. Im glad I visited your site. I enjoyed the creativity.

  5. Your pieces definitely capture the Anthro spirit & are great knockoffs! I love this style and I’m totally with you, that chandelier is gorge! I want it all.

  6. I definitely love the rug on the image…
    In fact, I think eclectic is the most viable option if you actually plan to use the room. Otherwise, one has to be reeeeeaaally picky about everything put into the room. Meh. Boring.

  7. I’m not sure I could bring myself to spend $11, 000 on furnishing one room, even if I had the money. You could buy some of these items 2nd hand and save even more cash.
    When we were running out of money after doing our extension, we bought a 2nd hand vintage-look leather sofa for £90 (about $120) and that included delivery! It’s absolutely beautiful and really finishes off our family room. Everyone that comes to the house comments how nice it is.
    It was in great condition, they just didn’t need it anymore – people get rid of things that are virtually new and when you’re aiming for a style with a vintage edge, it is really easy to source things 2nd hand.

    1. Hi Mel, I know what you mean! I shop second hand and vintage all the time, it’s one of my favorite things to do EVER! (I even run a vintage Etsy shop!) xx

  8. Wow, the rug is very similar and a fraction of the Antho price. Nice find, I love it!

  9. Loving the whole collection put together, they really compliment each other and for a great price

  10. I love this! It does a really good job of demonstrating how to recreate a look for far less money!

  11. Thanks for showing how you can redo a fab room on a much smaller budget. Let’s fact it, not many of us can afford or are willing to spend $12k on the furnishings for ONE room! You’ve cut it down by 2/3rds which makes it much more reasonable. I love the faded rug and that sofa is a steal at $898.

    I shall have to create a vision board of some of these items and your other room make overs to remember them for our next house (we move next year fingers crossed).

  12. I love this post. People don’t realize that you can get a luxurious looking room for a great price. I completely agree with what someone else said, that coffee table is a steal! Everything we do is on a budget and these prices are great.

    1. Thanks so much Monica! It’s my mission to help people achieve exactly that! Luxury on a budget, whenever possible 😀

  13. I LOVE this!!! I’m always so hesitant to spend a lot on home decor so this is super helpful! such a cute style, too 🙂

  14. How very cool, I need to read more and re-do my living room too!

  15. Wow, the dresser and the coffee table look unique! Thank you for putting this together!