Top McGee & Co Dupes and Affordable Lookalikes!

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Today I’ve rounded up all my favorite McGee & Co lookalike items for you – so if you want the McGee & Co look for less, then you’re going to want to keep scrolling 😍

Oh! And if you’re in love with the Studio McGee look, then be sure to check out my video on How to Get the Studio McGee Look!! I promise you’ll love it! Or read the article here ☺️

Studio McGee is without a doubt one of my favorite design studios. Their style is the definition of transitional done to perfection – a beautiful balance between modern and traditional: never too contemporary that it feels like their designs will be out of style next year, but also never too traditional that it feels stuffy.

What is really exciting is that they have a store where they sell a ton of the products that they use in their design projects. This is perfect if you want to try and replicate the beautiful spaces they design. Their store goes by the name of McGee & Co.

The problem is that for the majority of us, most of their items are definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum.

That’s where I come in!

Interestingly, many near-identical versions of their products can be found under other names and brands at lower prices. It just takes a little hunting around to find them.


Piatto Pendant light

I’ve seen this light popping up in kitchens lately, usually used as statement lights over the island – see Chris Loves Julia’s new kitchen for example. I believe the design of the Piatto Pendant to be inspired in part by a light fixture called the Manta light, designed by Franco Bresciani in the 1970s – you can see the original here. The McGee & Co light goes for about 800 USD but I’ve found a similar dupe on Wayfair that costs 4x less. Yay!

Yates Chair

Next – one of my favorites! The McGee & Co Yates Chair ❤️

The moment I saw this armchair, I fell in love. So when I discovered what looks like an identical version of the same chair at a lower price, I was over the moon.

I absolutely love the look of this modern white accent chair. The beauty of neutral armchairs like this one is that they are so versatile. You can pair it with pretty much anything and it will just look great no matter what. That’s what happens when you’ve got style 😉

As of April 2022, the price on the McGee chair has gone up to $1,660.00 for the regular white material, and $2,250.00 for the faux sheep skin … furniture has definitely not escaped the crazy inflation we’re seeing. I feel like Wayfair’s prices increase every week.

ANYWAYS! The one I found is a great deal so that’s all that matters 😅

Goodman Pendant

If you’re looking for the perfect cone pendant lights to hang over your kitchen island, these Goodman lookalikes might be right up your alley.

They are an excellent, affordable lookalike design to the McGee & Co Goodman pendant light. There’s a slight difference to the shape of the actual cone (the McGee cone shape is a little more elongated), but the dupe still has an overall very balanced look.

The Wayfair dupes are called Presley and they come in 2 sizes and 4 different finishes (including matte black! *swoon*). Sadly, Wayfair doesn’t make a white and brass version of this pendant, but you could always take a stab at painting yours, if you’re set on having white! It would be doable if you bought the brass version.

Timmins Arm Chair

The McGee & Co Timmins armchair is without a doubt stunning. But its price tag can also make you reel a little…

Joss & Main offers a very similar version of the same chair, but at a much, much lower price point. It’s called the Astoria Armchair.

The Astoria has slightly thicker armrests and taller legs, and the overall seat appears to be a little narrower. But overall, the Joss & Main dupe is still a perfectly respectable lookalike that I would happily place in my living room.

The Astoria is available in 5 different shades of upholstery, and Joss & Main offers free sample swatches so you can be sure you love what you are getting before you buy.

As a side note, the Astoria also has overall *excellent* customer reviews.

Lewis Coffee Table

The McGee & Co Lewis coffee table is a really lovely combination of a gray-wash reclaimed wood top and a modern steel base. I love the combination of the texture of the wood and the cool steel. This coffee table would fit in in most spaces, so it’s a pretty safe buy.

The dupe for this coffee table can be found at West Elm. The main difference between the original coffee table and the dupe is in the table top: West Elm’s version is made out of concrete, instead of wood!

And the dimensions vary slightly. But overall the look is very, very similar!

Lenore Mirror

For all you boho lovers out there, this mirror is for you!

The McGee & Co Lenore mirror seems to have a little more variation in the rattan than the Joss & Main dupe. These two mirrors share the exact same dimensions (36″ diameter) so beyond the apparent slight variation in the rattan tones, this is a fantastic dupe.

The price difference isn’t huge, but consider that McGee & Co slap on a $50 handling fee, whereas Joss & Main usually ship free if you spend over a certain amount.

Reeves Chair

If you’re looking for an elegant, wooden black windsor chair, but can’t swing it for the Reeves chairs, then I’ve found a steal for you.

McGee & Co sell the Reeves chairs individually at $360 apiece. The Wayfair Contrada chairs come as a set so you get 2 chairs for $169.99.

I know the design is not identical, but I think the Contradas can definitely stand-in for their more expensive counterparts and make a great impression while they’re at it.

I did find a chair on Wayfair that is closer in shape that the Contrada, but it’s made out of metal, not wood – so check it out if matching the shape is really important to you!

Want a similar chair but in white? Check here!

Walt Bed

The Walt bed is probably one of my favorite Studio McGee beds, and Wayfair has a nice version called the Charlotte bed that comes quite close to it.

I have actually been considering purchasing it in the color Zuma White (which is what is pictured below on the right) but there are several other colors available as well! I love the color called Zuma Linen as well…. DECISIONS!! 😂

If you wanted to go the whole way to really get the look, you could get some tapered wooden furniture feet (like these ones) to match the McGee & Co bed better, as the black legs on the Charlotte bed aren’t the greatest looking. Those wooden feet make a bigger difference to the overall look than one might think!

If the Charlotte bed is still a touch out of your budget, the Amera is another great alternative, so be sure to check that Walt bed dupe out as well! You could do the same leg hack that I just described.

Failing all of the above, check out the Adara bed from Lulu & Georgia – a surprisingly good deal, as their prices are normally quite steep.

walt bed dupe

Padma Sconce

The Padma sconce is a favorite among all the rattan lovers out there. I found a really cute and reasonably priced dupe on Wayfair called the Emmaline sconce.

The McGee and Co Padma sconce sells for 730 per sconce, whereas the Wayfair version sells for 187 each. They’re both finished in an antiqued bronze finish, and the main difference is that the backplate on the Padma sconce is square, whereas the backplate on the Wayfair dupe is circular.

The Emmaline also comes in black!

I hope you loved these McGee and Co lookalike pieces as much as me! As I find more dupes on my journey, I will continue to update this post, so be sure to bookmark it and check back often 🙂

If you’re looking for affordable alternatives to any specific McGee & Co products, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out! xo

If you’re hungry for more affordable Studio McGee products, they also did a collaboration with Target. The range is called Threshold, and you should most definitely check it out right here! And this link has some of my favorite Threshold holiday items for 2022 right here!

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