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Get The Look: Minimal Tan Dining Room

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Guys, this tan dining room designed by Studio McGee has got to be my most FAVORITE ever! I’ve been obsessing over it ever since I saw it. So let’s take a look at how we can also get the look of this dining room, at a fraction of the cost!




TOTAL: $3,347

This lovely, minimal dining room was featured in a Studio McGee project called “Modern Lake House” that was recently released.

Go check out the whole photo tour here and here because it’s just amazing! There is also a webisode on YouTube if you want to watch that.

The living areas all have a beautiful warm, neutral palette throughout, achieved by repeating the use of mixed woods, bright whites and tan leather.

You see this theme throughout the whole space and that’s what really ties it all together.

The styling is, for the most part, minimal and sculptural.

Recreate this room with more affordable decor alternatives

I’ve managed to put together a more affordable version of this dining room for a fraction of the cost (calculations were made using 6 chairs instead of 8).

The cost of the original pieces from the photo above comes to well over $20,000. I wasn’t able to source the chandelier, artwork, basket or the rug, so those costs are not included in the 20k.

I think it would be safe to assume that if we knew how much the chandelier, art and rug cost, we would probably be much closer to $30,000, if not more.

In terms of the artwork, to be honest I would just create it myself and would save myself the $85 print.

Here are the prices of some of the original items from the inspiration photo:

Dining table – $4,995
Chairs – were $1,295 EA, no longer available at Design Within Reach
Faux olive tree – $675 (as of 2023, now $750)
Mirrors – $1490 EA (no longer available)
Vase (no longer available) – $38
Sconces – $629 EA (as of 2023, now $820 each)
Rug – vintage
Light fixture – ?
Artwork – ?
Basket – ?

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