Get The Look: Pink And Mustard Boho Bedroom

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To me, this bright and cheery pink bohemian bedroom basically feels like a summer bouquet – it’s wonderful!

The combination of pinks, greens and oranges are giving me all the warm weather fruit sorbet feels. Because it IS still summer right now!

This beautiful boho bedroom belongs to the Instagrammer Ilonka Dekkers. She shares photos pretty much daily of her gorgeous space and I just can’t get enough of her style! Pink definitely abounds, combined with a fresh jungley feeling.

There is actually very little white used in this space! And with all the pinks and oranges bouncing all over, the whites of the bed and the waterfall console table almost look more cream.

Fun fact, Ilonka actually has a pink bed in this bedroom now – I think she may have painted her existing bed, but I’m not sure! And the green wall you see on the right has now been replaced with (faux?) brick. I love how people are constantly changing up their spaces to keep things interesting!

Erm … about that palm …

In the suggested products, I went for a faux palm only because I speak from personal experience … I have a majesty palm and she’s not doin’ so hot. She’s still alive, but has gotten progressively worse since I brought her home. I didn’t realize how tricky palms were to keep alive (especially in cooler climates), so I would definitely recommend going for the faux version of this plant if you’re not feeling super confident!

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  1. A good palm plant is the Cat Palm or Cataract Palm I bought one recently with no past experience of palms and just let it sit outside for a few days, big mistake. Apparently this palm is not made for direct sunlight and will get sunburns! who knew, so I looked up how to take care of it and all I had to do was trim off the sun burnt leaves with wet scissors a few days later I had multiple new sprouts and now probably a month later this slow growing plant has grown at least 2 and a half inches!

  2. Hey, you got a super lovely bedroom. My eyes got peace with the enormous pleasant. What a marvelous combination with bright and mind-blowing color variation. Love the items you added your boho bedroom. The bed frame, removable demask wallpaper, green planters, faux palm, boho duvet covers, pillow shams, runners and what not you added to charmed us. Thank you very much for sharing.