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33 Affordable Outdoor Rugs & Runners That Are Beyond Chic

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Outdoor patio rugs? Wait, is that a thing?

Yes, yes it is! 😄

But are they necessary?

Absolutely NOT! But dang, they do look great!!! And if you can get a bargain, well, even better!

Since writing my post about how to update your patio on a budget, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to update my own outdoor space.

I really like the idea of using outdoor patio rugs – and I’ve actually never had a rug outside before! And now that I think about it, it makes so much sense!

Inside, rugs anchor your furniture and tie all your decor together … and outside, they do the exact same thing!

So I started browsing for outdoor rugs … and because I couldn’t choose just one, I thought I would share all my favorite picks with you!

All the rugs I chose are reasonably priced but keep in mind that they do get pricier the larger you go.

They are also all weather-resistant, which you definitely want if you live in a climate where it’s going to rain every now and then in the summer.

And weather resistant means protection from harsh heat and sunlight, too.

Scroll to the bottom for more information on how to pick an outdoor rug for your patio and the different options available!

Affordable outdoor rugs

What’s the best type of outdoor rug?

Outdoor rugs are generally made of long-lasting materials that will hold up to all types of weather. They will also resist stains and fading.

Essentially there are two types of rugs, and both can be used outside:

  1. Synthetic
  2. Natural

Synthetic rugs

Synthetic rugs are usually made in Polypropylene (olefin), Polyester, Nylon or Acrylic (plastic).

Olefin resembles sisal, but comes in at a much lower price point. Olefin is one of the most highly sought-after outdoor rug materials for its durability, pleasing texture and weather-resistant properties. It’s also used in wallpaper.

Synthetic outdoor rugs have the benefit of being completely water-resistant, lightweight and will dry up fast if they get wet.

They can just be hosed down when you need to clean them and left to dry outside. Talk about easy.

Natural fiber rugs

Natural fiber rugs are made of materials like Sisal, Seagrass and Bamboo.

They have a lovely texture and are durable, but can be ruined by too much water.

Natural fiber rugs can also develop mildew. Eww.

Consider using natural fiber rugs on your patio if you don’t get a lot of rain, or if you have a covered deck that is sheltered from downpours.

Don’t have a big patio space? No worries!

If you live in a condo or small apartment and only have a narrow balcony, do not despair!

You can still partake in the wonders of outdoor patio rugs!

Try using an outdoor runner that runs along the length of your balcony. As always, make sure you measure before ordering. 😊

Accessorize your balcony with potted plants, a couple of chairs and a small table.

Be sure to check THIS POST for more small balcony decorating ideas!

Here are some affordable outdoor runners that would instantly jazz up any smaller patio or balcony space!

Affordable patio runners

Should you get an outdoor rug?

Outdoor rugs on a deck and patio definitely add an extra layer of interest and are pretty to look at, which is the whole point when you are trying to create a space that you enjoy being in!

Outdoor rugs also give you a chance to translate a bit of your interior decor personality to the exterior of your home.

If you don’t have an area properly set up to enjoy your time in the garden or on your patio, you are missing out!

At home, you should be able to spend as much time outside as you do inside, especially when the weather permits.

You get more bang for your buck from your house when you get to enjoy all the space you have! So why not make it lovely? It doesn’t have to be expensive 🙂

Other sources for cheap outdoor rugs

If none of the rugs above suit you, then be sure to check out the following retailers for some INCREDIBLE deals. 

I’ve provided a few of my favorite samples from each one, as well!


And here is Target’s outdoor rug SALE page – make sure you check here as well!

World Market

As always World Market’s prices are amazing so make sure you check out their goods so that you don’t miss a great opportunity!

PRO TIP → Don’t forget to use Rakuten (formerly ebates) to get 3% cashback on your World Market shopping! If you use this link, you get $10 for free 🙂

World Market has SO MANY outdoor rugs that I love – I highly recommend just checking them all out because it’s so hard to choose just a few! 

Admittedly they have a smaller selection than huge retailers like Walmart or Target, but their selection is pretty much ALL great.


I checked recently, and TJMAXX doesn’t seem to have a whole lot in stock right now for outdoor rugs – but they are always worth bookmarking and checking in with every now and then, as their stock changes and updates frequently and their prices are good!


Frontgate definitely has some great outdoor rugs that are priced very reasonably – I love all their textural, neutral options (I already linked many of my favorites earlier in this post so scroll back up!). They have a great selection of rugs that are more traditional, some more eclectic/bohemian, and modern/contemporary styles too. I highly recommend checking them out! They also offer free shipping and returns, which is a great bonus. Hope this helps! Happy rug shopping! 🙂


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