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6 Simple Decorating Hacks to Refresh Your Home in the New Year

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Happy New Year! If you’re feeling inspired to take on some small home improvement projects early on in the year, but aren’t sure where to start, I’ve got some easy and totally doable ideas for you!

It’s not always necessary to go for a major renovation to elevate your interiors, as sometimes, small things can create a big impact!

Here are 6 amazing small decorating tips that are not only fast, but can help you breathe life into your home to give it a brand-new feel.

1. Refresh a closet

Start by cleaning out your closet and organizing it. I find closets can easily get out of hand over time so it’s always good to give it a refresh every once in a while!

Donate anything you haven’t worn for over 2 years. You can also add some scented sachets or essential oils to keep your clothes smelling fresh. If you want to go all in and are feeling inspired, you could even paint the inside of your closet a fun color or add some wallpaper.

Here are some great closet makeover DIYs that you could take a look at to get you started for some inspiration!

Our Renter-Friendly Closet Refresh – by Lisa Linh
A Budget-Friendly Chic Laundry Closet Makeover – by Jojotastic
Small Closet Makeover Ikea Pax Hack – by Hello Jessen
Simple Tips to Organize & Refresh Your Linen Closet – by The Happy Housie

2. Update your throw pillows

6 Simple Decorating Hacks to Refresh Your Home in the New Year - update your throw pillows! easy win.
Posh Pennies

Replace old, worn-out throw pillows with new ones in new colors and patterns to give your living room or bedroom a fresh look. You can also mix and match different textures for an added touch of coziness. I like to scour my local Homesense for throw pillows, they always have a great variety at fairly reasonable prices.

I love a good velvet pillow with matching velvet piping – here are some SUPER affordable velvet pillow options from Amazon!🙂 They come in a bunch of different colors and sizes, and with over 8000 positive reviews, trust me: they will become your go-to velvet throw pillow from here on out!

3. Swap out old photos and photo frames

family photos on display on a dresser with a bouquet of white roses

One way to refresh the look of your home is by updating old photos and their frames.

Consider replacing outdated photos with new ones that capture special memories or significant moments. Additionally, you can switch up the frames themselves to introduce a different aesthetic.

Opt for frames that complement your decor or experiment with various styles and materials to add a personalized touch to your living space. By giving attention to these small details, you can create a renewed and inviting atmosphere in your home.

Check out this post on how to create a stunning gallery wall!

4. Rearrange Furniture

white sofa with white round ottoman and a white bouquet of flowers
Posh Pennies

Want to give your room an instant facelift? Play around with your existing furniture and see if you can come up with a new layout that feels fresh!

Here are some ideas:

  • in the living room, try changing your sofa’s orientation, move the TV to another wall, move around the armchairs if you have any
  • in an office, move the location of your desk
  • in the bedroom see if your bed can be placed on a different wall, if you have an empty corner, try bringing in an armchair from another room
  • try swapping artwork around your home

5. Touch up scuffed paint

use the magic eraser to clean away any scuffs on your walls

Over time, walls can accumulate small scuffs and marks. Take some time to touch up these areas with a fresh coat of paint to make your walls look brand new. If they’re really small marks, you may be able to remove them with a magic eraser without having to bust out the paint brushes.

If you feel inspired once you’ve touched up your wall scuffs, look to see if any caulking needs mending anywhere in your home. Caulking tends to shrink and crack over time and should be freshened up when that happens. Speaking of which, I have a couple of spots that need addressing, it’s on my January to-do list! 🙂

6. Declutter

beautiful clean and decluttered bathroom with a skylight and fresh foliage and flowers
Posh Pennies

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about the incredible power of decluttering. Trust me, you don’t want to underestimate it! By getting rid of things you no longer need and taking time to organize your space, you’ll create an environment that not only looks amazing but also has a profound impact on your mood and well-being.

And who doesn’t want to face the new year with a positive mindset and a revitalized home? Start small by decluttering one area at a time, letting go of items that no longer serve you. Consider donating or selling what you can. Implement smart organizational solutions to maintain order.

This simple yet powerful act not only transforms your living space but sets the stage for a brighter and more optimistic beginning to the year. Embrace the potential of a decluttered home as a foundation for positive change and personal well-being in the coming months.

Happy New Year!

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