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16 Christmas Decorating Trends That Will Be HUGE In 2023

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Christmas 2023 is quickly approaching and it’s time to get started with your holiday decor! Today I want to highlight some Christmas decorating trends I’ve been seeing around the world that are going to be huge this year. I’ll also give some tips on how you can try incorporating these Christmas decor trends into your own space!

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Draped garlands

Draped, cascading greenery has been going strong for the past couple of years and this year this Christmas trend is definitely peaking – do one Pinterest search for Christmas mantel decor 2023 and you’ll see what I mean!

How to master the draped garland look:

The way to achieve this beautiful effortless look is to drape green garlands around door frames, on your fireplace mantel and on exterior railings. If your garland isn’t looking full enough, try doubling up with two to make it look extra luxurious. You can also bolster with real greenery from outdoors. Weave in some delicate string lights to finish off the simple but stunning look!

You can of course DIY your own garland, but not a lot of people have time to make their own, so they use faux garlands that look amazingly real. Check out a few of my favorite lifelike garlands below!

Asymmetrical mantel decor

Asymmetrical mantel decor is another HUGE trend this year. It creates a stunning focal point and can often be achieved with Christmas decor you already have around the house.

How to get the asymmetrical Christmas mantel look:

  • Attach your garland to your mantel with command hooks and arrange it so that it looks like it’s spilling over one side. In some cases such as in the image above, it can be necessary to use chicken wire for extra attachment points
  • Arrange decor on the mantle in clusters in the garland or on either side of it. I like to use candles (preferably flameless). You can either use pillar candles for chunkiness, or tall candelabras with taper candles for height
  • Add additional strings of Christmas lights if you like
  • Hang your stockings in a cluster or two, to one side

Hanging stockings in clusters is another trend I’m seeing a lot of – you can of course still hang them evenly spaced if you want to, but for the asymmetrical mantel look it can look really interesting to have them grouped to one side!

Simple wreaths

Another trend is the use of simple, green Christmas wreaths. This trend goes pretty much hand in hand with the drapey garlands.

How to embrace the simple wreath look:

Of course you can also dress up your wreaths with your own floral picks and various decorations if you would like to. But the 2023 Christmas trend is to leave them undecorated and hang them simply with a beautiful ribbon (red is an obvious classic, but white is lovely as well, such as in the photo above!).

The beauty of having the simple green undecorated wreaths, is that you can reuse them year after year for multiple holidays and seasons – add pink for valentine’s day, add rust and terracotta for fall, you get the idea!

I picked up two of these absolutely STUNNING wreaths from Wayfair and hung them on our front windows with a simple red ribbon and I love how simple and elegant it looks.

Here are some other lovely wreath selects!

Non Traditional Color Schemes

Non-traditional color schemes are all the rage this season, so don’t be afraid to completely break the mold and mix up the traditional red and green!

Which colors are trending in 2023 Christmas decor?

  1. Jewel Tones: Deep, rich colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and ruby red can be used with metallic accents for a luxurious feel.
  2. Pastel Palettes: Include shades of blush pink along with other soft pastel colors such as mint green, sky blue, and lavender, combined with white or cream for a serene and elegant atmosphere.
  3. Monochromatic Elegance: Opt for a single color scheme like all-white, all-silver, or even all-pink, experimenting with different shades and textures for a chic and modern look.
  4. Nordic Minimalism: Use neutral tones like whites, grays, natural wood, and touches of other muted colors for a cozy yet understated holiday ambiance. This style could work well with the sparse Christmas tree trend.
  5. Vibrant Citrus Colors: Pink can also be included in vibrant citrus-themed decorations, paired with tangerine orange, lemon yellow, lime green, and bright teal, bringing a playful and energetic vibe.
  6. Retro Pop and Barbiecore: Incorporate bold shades of pink along with other bright colors like hot pink, electric blue, neon green, and purple, drawing inspiration from the vibrant and nostalgic aesthetics associated with the Barbiecore trend of the ’80s and ’90s.
  7. Earthy Naturalism: Create a calming and organic holiday look using warm neutral earthy tones like terracotta, olive green, warm browns, and muted yellows, complemented by natural elements such as wood and dried flowers for a rustic yet sophisticated feel.

What kind of Ornaments Are Trending?

  • Crystal and glass ornaments
  • icicles
  • vintage style ornaments
  • finials

Trending Christmas accessories

Cow bells

The cow bell Christmas decor trend is the perfect way to bring some old-fashioned holiday cheer into your home. Not only do these classic decorations look great, they can also add a fun jingle at any holiday gathering. You can be creative about placement – layer them into your mantel decor, onto the front of a wreath, or simply hang them on a door knob.

Bottlebrush trees

Bottlebrush trees are currently experiencing a surge in popularity, thanks to the widespread love for all things vintage and nostalgic. These charming trees have become cherished elements of Christmas decor, admired for their timeless appeal and ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Cute Tabletop trees

You can usually find tabletop conical Christmas trees in a multitude of colors and materials. They come in various sizes and can be used as standalone decorations or as part of a larger vignette.

Tree collars

An alternative to traditional tree skirts, tree collars have gained popularity in recent years for their sleek and modern look. They’re typically made of metal, wicker, or other materials and are placed around the base of the Christmas tree to conceal the tree stand.

Which Christmas trees Styles are trending?

  • Flocked
  • Sparse / minimalistic trees

Colored Glassware

In my books, there is nothing better than colored glassware ANY time of year, but it seems that this year in particular, we are seeing a lot of interest in this classic style. I love the way colored glasses catch and reflect light; it truly is like nothing else! Like jewels sitting right on your dining table. Pair them with gold and white plates, and sparkling flatware, and you have a showstopper of a Christmas table setting!

Mixed metal decor

The mixed metal Christmas decor trend for 2023 is all about melding together different metallic accents in an unexpected way. Instead of traditional golds, silvers and coppers, this year’s trend leans more towards the industrial and vintage feel – think antique brass, pewter and bronze. Tinsel has also made a comeback over the past couple of years.

How to mix metals in your Christmas decor:

For a unique look, mix different metals in the same ornament or combine different sizes and shapes for an eye-catching display. You can also play up the theme by incorporating mixed metal tableware into your holiday dinner parties – try using silver serving pieces alongside gold flatware. Metallic colored candles are another easy way to add a bit of glamour to your space during the holidays – choose pillar candles with metallic colors like silver or gold that will pop against any decor.

So what do you think, are you going to be bold this season and experiment with this year’s Christmas trends? Or are you a traditional guy or gal through and through?

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