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Baby Bliss: 21 Nurseries with the Cutest Wallpaper You’ve Ever Seen

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Welcoming a new addition to your family is an exhilarating journey filled with preparations and anticipation. As you get ready to bring your precious bundle of joy into the world, creating a serene and captivating nursery can be one of the most exciting parts of the process. Gone are the days of plain, monotonous walls; today’s parents are embracing the transformative power of wallpaper to create enchanting baby nurseries!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the art of using wallpaper to craft a space that’s not only visually appealing but also conducive to a child’s early development. From whimsical patterns and soothing colors to practical tips and trends, discover how wallpaper can be the key to shaping a cozy haven that both you and your baby will adore.

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Baby girl nursery Wallpaper inspiration

For girls, large, bold florals or nature-inspired baby wallpapers are always a nice choice. And remember, a girl’s room doesn’t have to be pink!

You can mix in other subdued colors like pale green, yellow, purples and blues if you’re not crazy about the pink color scheme.

1. Enchanting Themes: Wallpaper allows you to set the stage for a charming and imaginative theme in your girl’s nursery. Consider themes like fairy tales, princess castles, under-the-sea adventures, or even whimsical woodland scenes. These themes can create a captivating environment that sparks your child’s imagination and provides a sense of wonder.

2. Delicate Florals: Soft, delicate floral patterns have a timeless and elegant appeal. They can add a touch of serenity and beauty to the nursery. Opt for pastel hues and subtle floral designs to create a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for naptime and bonding with your baby.

3. Vibrant Colors: If you’re looking to infuse energy and creativity into the space, opt for wallpaper with bold, vibrant colors. Bright and playful patterns can stimulate your child’s visual senses and encourage exploration. Combine these lively wallpapers with complementary decor to achieve a balanced and visually stimulating environment.

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Baby boy nursery inspiration

If you have a little boy and don’t want to go floral, you could try one of the following themes:

1. Transportation Themes: For boys who are fascinated by cars, planes, trains, and everything that moves, wallpaper with transportation-themed designs is a sure winner. Create an adventurous space where your child’s imagination can take flight.

2. Nature and Adventure: Nurseries inspired by the great outdoors, with wallpaper featuring wildlife, mountains, forests, or the sea, can instill a love for nature from an early age. These themes also encourage a sense of adventure and curiosity.

3. Superhero and Fantasy Worlds: Little boys often dream of becoming superheroes or exploring magical realms. Wallpaper featuring their favorite superhero characters, outer space, or mystical creatures can transform their room into an epic playground.

4. Nautical and Pirate Adventures: Set sail on a maritime journey with nautical or pirate-themed wallpaper. Create an environment that sparks curiosity about the oceans, treasure hunts, and daring adventures on the high seas.

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Gender neutral Nurseries

If you’re going more gender neutral nursery (maybe you’re having boy & girl twins!😱) then you could opt for wallpaper that is geometric, graphic, abstract or traditional. Muted yellows, greens, taupes and greys can work, if you want to stay away from traditional blue and pink.

Woodland themed designs are also nice for both genders!

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Here are some gender neutral wallpaper ideas to inspire you:

1. Nature and Adventure: Nature-themed wallpaper can create a tranquil and inspiring atmosphere. Think soft, soothing colors, whimsical forests, or serene seascapes. These themes encourage a love for the natural world and a sense of wonder.

2. Animal Kingdom: Animal-themed wallpaper is a timeless choice that appeals to children of all genders. Whether it’s a menagerie of friendly creatures or a safari adventure, it fosters an appreciation for wildlife and the beauty of our planet.

3. Outer Space: Explore the cosmos with space-themed wallpaper. Spark a fascination with astronomy and the mysteries of the universe, creating a space where dreams can take flight.

4. Geometric Patterns: Geometric wallpaper designs are both contemporary and gender-neutral. They offer a sophisticated, modern look that can be tailored to suit a variety of color palettes and decor styles.

5. Celestial Dreams: Celestial themes, with stars, moons, and planets, offer a sense of wonder and a touch of magic to the nursery. It’s a perfect theme for igniting a child’s curiosity about the universe.

6. Vintage or Retro Aesthetics: Opt for vintage or retro-themed wallpaper to create a timeless and charming space. Vintage patterns can appeal to both classic and contemporary sensibilities.

7. Minimalistic Modern: A minimalistic approach with clean lines and subtle color palettes can create a calm and uncluttered nursery environment, perfect for promoting focus and creativity.

8. Storybook Dreams: Choose wallpaper that features elements from classic children’s literature or fairy tales. This theme allows your child to explore a world of imagination and storytelling.

9. Watercolor Wonders: Watercolor-style wallpaper with soft, blended colors and gentle patterns can infuse a sense of serenity into the nursery, making it a soothing space for both relaxation and play.

cactus wallpaper with simple wooden crib gender neutral nursery
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Whatever your imagination can come up with, there are endless wallpaper options out there that can really add a wonderful touch to your nursery!

Use Removable Wallpaper!

I actually think that a nursery is a perfect opportunity to make some daring design choices and try new things. As baby grows, the room is probably going to be switched up anyway, so why not have some fun? 🙂

Some fun baby wallpaper is the absolute best for this kind of project!

Much like a fresh coat of paint in a new color, wallpaper can virtually transform a room within a matter of hours, and at a relatively low cost, too.

However, in the recent past wallpaper has had a major stigma attached to it due to the difficulty of removing it. People would often shy away from it (or run away screaming).

But REJOICE, because nowadays there are tons of removable options!

There are many companies that create an excellent array of peel and stick wallpaper and decals, using specialized adhesives that will not damage painted surfaces, The paper will come away just by pulling it off.

Here are some great places to buy peel & stick and removable wallpaper online:

Chasing Paper
Rocky Mountain Decals
Rebel Walls
Cuckoo Walls

Baby wallpaper is visually stimulating!

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One great aspect of big bold patterns is that they are good for your baby’s visual stimulation.

According to research, for the first few months of a baby’s new life, he or she will only perceive things mono-chromatically.

But after the 3 months mark, patterns and colors will start to play a huge part in your baby’s development!

Creating a positive, cheerful environment for your baby will not only be good for them, but good for you too.

Wondering how to hang wallpaper? Here are a couple of great step by step tutorials that walk you through the process:

How to Install Removable Wallpaper in 5 Easy Steps

How To Hang Temporary Removable Wallpaper

Have you thought about using wallpaper in your baby’s nursery? Let me know in the comments!

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