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Gorgeous Minimalist Floor Lamps For Under $100

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Similar to my collection of affordable minimalist side tables, I’ve put together a selection of my favorite affordable sleek and chic minimalist floor lamps.

minimalist floor lamps by posh pennies

The importance of good lighting

I’ve learned never to underestimate the importance of good lighting in a room! Well thought out lighting will set the tone and provide focal points within a room.

Good lighting can literally transform a room from good to great.

Poorly planned lighting, on the other hand, can detract from the time and effort you’ve put into your space. Many details of your lovely furnishings and carefully curated artwork will be lost with poor lighting.

Obviously being able to see things is always useful when it’s dark. But lighting is also one of the main elements that creates good ambiance in a room.

Types of lighting

Every room needs a good combination of general overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting to set a mood and provide sufficient illumination.

Dark corners can pretty much always benefit from a lamp. They also help add an extra layer of interest to a space.

  • Floor lamps can add vertical interest to a room. They are also great for filling in an empty corner next to a couch or armchair.
  • Table lamps are great for showcasing a pretty vignette you’ve created.
  • String lights are super cute and whimsical and look magical basically everywhere.

And don’t get me started on smart lighting systems that change color and you control with your phone! I am obsessed with those! But that’s a topic for another day…

This collection of budget floor lamps focuses on a clean and sleek minimal style. But the design choices out there are endless when it comes to floor lamps.

No matter what your decor style is, you will be sure to find something that fits right in with your look!

Budget minimalist floor lamps for under $100

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  1. Karen Lewis says:

    This one of the best sites I’ve ran across as on a fixed budget. Recent divorce age 65, so starting a small 3 room store taking your ideas (education) with my creativity and talents (handed down), to make the most of my situation. I can do this! So looking forward to advice and following POSH PENNIES Truly Thank You

    1. Hi Karen, thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely words! I’m so glad you are finding my site useful and yes, you CAN do this!! ♥ Best wishes! Vivien

  2. This is such a beautiful blog you’ve created here! Good luck to you and I’ll be sure yo pop by every now and again 🌸

    1. Thank you Erika, so lovely of you to pop by and leave a comment ♥ You are officially my first “commenter” and I will remember that forever!! ♥♥♥