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Where To Shop For Truly Affordable Boho Decor

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There’s no denying that boho decor is IN, baby! But there aren’t a lot of sources on the interwebs that tell you where to shop boho style if you’re on a budget.

I love Anthropologie as much as the next person, but I’m not going to tell you it’s cheap to shop there.

So I’ve come up with a list of online stores that sell boho decor at reasonable prices.

Whether you’re redecorating just one room in your home or your whole apartment, this guide is going to get you the boho look you crave and save you lots of money while you shop.

BUT FIRST! Some tips to help you SAVE before you shop:

  • Use cashback programs like Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) to get money back just for shopping online.
    • You will get $10 after your first purchase just for signing up (it actually works – they sent me a cheque for $10!).
    • If you combine using Rakuten plus shopping with your favorite cashback credit card, you could be making a nice little chunk of money back on every online purchase you make.
    • I will point out all the shops that use Rakuten for your convenience as I go through each store.
  • Monitor price drops on your favorite items
    • Use a chrome extension called Karma (formerly known as Shoptagr) to track price drops on items you love. You just save the item you’re interested in, and the extension will notify you of any future price drops. I use this all the time and save a bunch of money. Everything goes on sale eventually!
  • Use an automatic coupon finder
    • Use Honey, a free browser extension that automatically finds discount coupons that you can apply at checkout
  • Try to plan what you need
    • It always feels less overwhelming to shop for a room when you have somewhat of a plan!
    • Choose inspiration rooms, or if you’re more OCD like me, select inspiration images for each type of item you want.
    • Create a basic mood board by saving the images you love best to one document.
  • Decide on a budget
    • If you set a budget, there won’t be any question as to whether or not you’re overspending while you’re out shopping.
  • Make a list of things you want
    • Lists are good. They keep you grounded and reign you in. They are also like a lifeline when you’re in a store feeling overwhelmed, surrounded by thousands of items. Stick to your list and you’ll be ok!
  • It’s ok to buy something you’re not 100% sure of
    • Don’t be afraid to pick something up and try it out. You can always return it if you’re not convinced. This is may be a little more complicated if you’re shopping for boho decor online; it will depend on the store’s return policies (reason #52 why I love Amazon Prime). It’s also a bit annoying doing this with larger pieces.

Have you seen my post about how to decorate boho style? If not, I recommend you check it out!

1. Second hand and thrift stores

Bohemian decor is meant to feel worldly, eclectic and lived-in. There is no place more budget-friendly than your local thrift store, so you can start there. Especially if you have a list of things in mind and know what you’re looking for.

THRIFTING TIP → keep a running list on your phone of things you want to look for at thrift stores. I have been doing this for years and it’s so helpful!

best items to buy at second hand stores

Check out my little infographic below – it shows all my favorite boho items to search for when treasure hunting at second-hand stores!


everything but the house

ETBH, which is short for Everything But The House, is an online estate sale website full of vintage eclectic items. It uses the auction format, and every bid starts at $1.

Everything But The House is like a higher quality version of eBay, as it is much more curated. The site prides itself on having a collection of rare and uncommon items for the home.

The website was founded by estate sale and antique enthusiasts and sought to bring pre-owned items to a broader audience. In fact, although EBTH is quite US-centric, international bidders are welcome. The only thing to keep in mind that currently, they don’t ship furniture overseas.

If you’re US based, you can save money by picking up your item directly from the seller, if they happen to be located in your area.

Like with any auction scenario, you can get amazing deals, but you can also get carried away and overspend. Whether or not you can secure yourself an incredible price on an item is entirely up to you. Do your homework on the items you are bidding on, make sure you set yourself a limit as to how much you are willing to spend, and you may find yourself walking away with some absolutely incredible decor for your home.

3. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

You can find some amazing deals on social platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

I list a lot of other great online classified websites here if you want more ideas!

Regardless of the app or platform you choose, you will need to know what you are looking for.

What is great is that you can bargain with people. I always recommend bargaining via email. Agreeing on a price beforehand ensures a fast and smooth transaction in person and saves any awkwardness or annoying the seller.

4. Cost Plus World Market

The items World Market carries are perfect for the boho look. Items are sourced from all over the world and, more often than not are handmade. World Market sources and manufactures their products directly from places like Morocco, Bali, Portugal, Africa and Vietnam – just to name a few. Their products really seem to tell a story; they have personality and are far from having that “big box store” feel.

And more importantly, their prices are INCREDIBLE!

If you’re doing boho decor on a budget, then you have to shop here.

The World Market story goes that back in the ’50s, the founder who was a businessman turned traveler, began selling shiploads of imported hand-woven wicker at cost, plus 10%. And this is how the name Cost Plus World Market was born. They have stayed true to their roots, because their prices are still amazing.

SHOPPING TIP → World Market also has a loyalty program, World Market Rewards, which you should totally join if you haven’t already. You will get a 15% coupon straight off the bat when you sign up. Then, you will earn a $10 coupon for every $200 spent in store. Even if you don’t plan on shopping there frequently, it’s still worth signing up for the 15% off coupon.

Best boho items to shop for at World Market?

I recommend just browsing their website to get a sense of what they carry. If you don’t know where to start, I would first check out:


5. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has some really pretty boho decor pieces that are reasonably priced. But you still have to be careful.

For example, I would recommend avoiding their bedding section altogether because their duvet covers are pretty overpriced. But, things do go on sale from time to time, so if you have your heart set on a particular bedding set (I love this one), try to wait for a price drop.

You can also check their home decor sale section directly if you want to find some immediate boho decor for cheap.

Best boho items to shop for at Urban Outfitters?

  • bathroom accessories (I love their small shelves)
  • wall art, especially if you skip the frame and use an IKEA frame or one you’ve found at the thrift store
  • rugs – they’ve got lots of great global-inspired colors and patterns. Watch out though, their “one of a kind” rugs are (understandably) pretty pricey.

6. T.J. Maxx

Forget the clothes! Let’s check out all that delicious, affordable boho decor!

Seriously, every time I browse the TJ Maxx website I lose my mind. It’s SO. CHEAP. that I actually get really upset that I can’t just order everything I want and have it shipped to Canada. (Just like World Market, TJ Maxx also does not ship to Canada.)

In Canada, our equivalent to TJ Maxx is Homesense (owned and operated by the same company). But Homesense doesn’t allow you to shop online, they don’t show you ANY of the products they carry on their website, and basically force you to go to their stores. Seriously, online shopping in Canada is the ABSOLUTE worst.

Sadly, the closest TJ Maxx to where I live is the location in Bellingham (WA), and it’s about a 3h 30m drive away 🙁.

Here is a link directly to the home goods clearance section if you want even MORE amazing deals!

Best boho items to shop for at T.J. Maxx?

7. Walmart

Walmart has a specific “boho” decor section on their website that you can browse. Not ALL items featured are cheap, but I have spotted some really great bargains. Like this solid mango wood table for $39, and this beautiful light wood table lamp with a geometric base for under $20.

Skip the bedding as it’s on the high side – they don’t have anything that looks that great anyway (what the heck is up with expensive bedding?!).

Best boho items to shop for at Walmart?

  • the boho patio section –  definitely have a look at this section if you’re decking out your patio boho style! They have some great garden stools, solar lanterns, and planters.
  • colorful boho rugs – they have a lot of rugs featuring bright pinks and oranges, so if that’s what you’re looking for you might find something here.

8. Zara Home

Personally, I’d probably avoid duvet covers and quilts here too, as they’re pretty pricey.

I like their table runners, and even though they’re pretty easy to make if you own a sewing machine and can stitch straight lines, I’d probably still buy a couple!

SHOPPING TIP → If you sign up for Zara Home’s newsletter, they’ll give you a 10% off promo code for your next purchase so that’s always nice (I’m not affiliated with them, just want to point out a deal).

Best boho items to shop for at Zara Home?

  • throw pillows – they have a great variety in lots of different colors and they’re reasonably priced. Right now most of their throw pillows are on sale.
  • table runners
  • glassware

9. H&M Home

H&M Home feels similar to Zara Home both in the range of items they carry and in their prices.

However the overarching style at H&M is a little more Scandinavian (they are a Swedish company, after all). So if you’re more into the nordic boho look, H&M might be just the place for you.

You can use Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) when you shop online at H&M so don’t forget to grab some cash back while you shop.

Best boho items to shop for at H&M Home?

  • kitchenware – they have a lot of affordable and beautiful wooden kitchenware items that would add some lovely boho texture into your kitchen space (check out their salad servers, cutting boards, and wooden storage boxes)
  • bath rugs – definitely some of the best boho style bath rugs I’ve seen
  • plant pots – some lovely options here, from glam gold, to wood, to classic ceramics – all reasonably priced

10. Target

There is a lot to be found at Target, and actually, it’s not always the cheapest place to shop for home decor. However, I would definitely recommend you check out their home brand called Opalhouse.

It’s a jungley, eclectic mix of many different home decor items and accessories, featuring bold prints and patterns, bright colors and lots of natural materials.

Perfect for the boho style we are going for!

Best boho items to shop for at Target?

  • poufs and ottomans – all the Opalhouse poufs and ottomans are under $100, and many come in great pattern and color variations
  • 4 of their headboards – these particular headboards are all very “Anthropologie style” but without the crazy price tag. You HAVE to check out Queen Tachuri (wooden with geometric carvings), Queen Tansy (caramel colored woven faux leather straps on a gold metal frame), Queen Minsmere (caned headboard) and their Curassow Mango Wood Macrame headboard (at the time of writing this, it’s 15% off). Any one of these beds is guaranteed to take your boho bedroom to a superior level of awesomeness. If you want to see a full list of AMAZING & affordable boho beds, then be sure to check out THIS POST.
  • boho doormats – they’ve got some great vibrant, richly colored doormats that would look great at the front (or back) door of any boho home!

11. Etsy

To be perfectly honest with you, I find that there are a lot of items that are overpriced on Etsy. Some reasons for this are:

  • small business owners can’t afford to keep prices as competitive as big box stores.
  • many items are one of a kind or handmade and therefore are considered to be more valuable.
  • sometimes sellers mark up their items so that they can offer you “free shipping”

So you may be asking why Etsy is even in this post then?

Well, it’s because you can find some really lovely one of a kind boho decor items at very reasonable prices. It just takes some hunting.

It’s also good to support small business owners if you can! The customer service you can get through Etsy is normally really good. While occasionally you can get a dud shop owner who is unresponsive or just plain bad at customer service, this is pretty atypical. Generally, sellers will go above and beyond to make you happy.

If there is ever a problem with your order, 99% of the time, you will be dealing directly with the shop owner, and they will want to make sure you are happy with your shopping experience. It really boils down to the fact that Etsy shop owners don’t want to risk receiving negative customer reviews which can be detrimental to their shop’s overall reputation.

If you’re shopping on Etsy, always price check! For vintage items, the best place to cross-check prices is on eBay.

So let’s say for example you find a nice vintage brass planter on Etsy. Hop over to eBay and search for “vintage brass planter” and see what comes up. If you find a similar item and the price is about the same, then you know you’re not getting a bad deal. It’s not a perfect science but if you’re totally lost on how much you think you should be spending on an item, it’s worth it to just have a look. Make sure you also check shipping costs. Occasionally shipping costs can be a little crazy on Etsy (as I mentioned above: sometimes sellers inflate the prices of their items in order to offer free shipping).

Best boho items to shop for on Etsy?

  • vintage items made out of wood, brass and ceramic
  • handmade lumbar and throw pillows – fabrics such as velvet and mudcloth are very popular and widely available
  • unusual one of a kind trinkets
  • printable artwork
  • macrame wall hangings (or make your own wall hanging for cheap like I did here)

And here are some boho-inspired Etsy shops that I love!

The Bohemian Lifestyle – boho pillows, rugs and poufs
Petit Bohemes – handmade boho items
Boho Tree – bohemian haberdashery
Boho Pillow – the name says it all
BohoInteriors – plant baskets, pillows, table runners
BoHoHomeBySusan – a great eclectic variety of vintage home goods
BohoPrintables – printables with mud cloth inspired designs!

12. Amazon & eBay

When examining where to buy affordable boho decor online, we can’t ignore these two gigantic shopping platforms.

Amazon and eBay are definitely always worth checking if you’re searching for a particular item, or even just in the mood to browse.

Worth noting → shopping on Amazon is much, much better in the US and in the UK compared to Canada (no surprise there). Don’t be disappointed if the selection in Canada is much worse compared to the US and UK. It’s the unfortunate reality of the Canadian shopping scene.

You can find pretty much anything, so to narrow it down here are some terms you can use when you’re shopping. Just enter any of the keywords below, and then click on the “Home & Kitchen” category and see what comes up. Then you can also sort by price. It’s like a treasure trove!

  • Ikat
  • Boho
  • Kilim
  • Indian
  • Moroccan
  • Turkish
  • Persian
  • Oriental
  • Mexican
  • Oushak
  • Tribal
where to shop for cheap boho decor online
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Here is an example of what comes up if you perform a search on Amazon as I mentioned above when using the term “bohemian”. TONS of great items!

If you’ve read this far, my suggestion is to start looking through the links I’ve provided! 90% of your affordable boho decor needs should be met.

There are so many deals to be found on the internet! I’ve tried to gather up the BEST options currently out there for where to buy cheap boho decor. The above suggestions will really help jump start your boho decor adventure!

If you want some further boho reading then check out:

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where to shop for cheap boho decor online
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  1. You mentioned that the Canadian version of TJ Maxx is Homesense. I have a gift card for Homesense and was frustrated to find that you can’t browse products online, as I’d like to have an idea what I’m looking for before I go to the store and actually see and handle the products I think I want to buy. Is the selection between the two stores similar enough that it would make sense to browse the TJ Maxx site, or will I just end up wanting items I can’t find at Homesense?

    1. You will just end up wanting items you can’t find at Homesense. Every time you go to Homesense, the selection is different and as you discovered, they don’t offer online shopping. Totally sucks, but that’s how they get you to go to their store!

      1. Okay, thanks for that tip! I’ll just figure out what general items I want and then shop at Homesense in person.

  2. Debbie A Guyot says:

    Unless you can pick up an item from EBTH don’t waste your time! I chose a small item and shipping was $402! So no thank you!
    Home Goods is my favorite!

    1. I love Home Goods too! It’s very true that EBTH shipping can be eye wateringly expensive sometimes, and simply not worth it!

  3. Where can I find cheap and possibly bulk vintage or bohemian ribbon, fabric, etc to decorate dream catchers, doorways make hanging decor? Thank you for this site and info!!!

    1. Hi Christey, I like to buy stuff like that on aliexpress – they carry tons of notions for boho crafts for really, REALLY cheap. Fabric maybe not so much, but literally everything else! Shipping takes awhile, but if you don’t mind waiting, it’s 100% worth it. I wrote on post about aliexpress too, if you’re interested it’s here

  4. I have wanted to buy from EBTH and have been tempted sorely many times but I refrained because of their negative reviews. Please read the reviews good and bad before you buy or sell. Actually that is good advice for any where one might do business. I hope they clean up their act because I am dying to shop there.

    1. Hi Kaththee, I totally agree about reading reviews anywhere one chooses to shop! In regards to shopping on EBTH, I think there will always be negative reviews with any larger scale shopping platforms. My take on that is to give it a chance and then draw my own conclusions based on my own personal experience 🙂 I’ve always had a good experience on EBTH and have friends who have found some amazing deals as well! Best wishes!